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Three in Every Four Persons Aged 5-24 Years Are Currently Attending School (2020 Census of Population and Housing)

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Reference Number: 2024-158


  1. Based on the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH), the Philippines had 42,776,570 household population 5-24 years old. Of this total, about three-fourths or 32,071,284 persons attended school during the School Year (SY) 2019-2020. (Table 1)

  2. Of the 32,071,284 household population who were currently attending school in SY 2019-2020, males accounted for 16,482,962 (51.4%), while females comprised the remaining 15,588,322 (48.6%). (Table 1)

  3. Among  the 11,080,715  persons  aged 10  to  14  years,  10,689,906  (96.5%)  were currently  attending  school.  This  was  followed by aged 5 to 9 years with 88.3 percent and 15 to 19 years with 84.1 percent. In contrast, only 2,633,695 (26.4%) aged 20 to 24 years were currently attending school. (Table 1 and Figure 1)



Bicol Region posts the highest school attendance as a percentage of persons aged 5-24 years during the SY 2019-2020

  1. The top five regions  in school attendance as a percentage of persons  aged  5-24 years during the SY 2019-2020 were: Region V - Bicol with 78.8 percent,  Region  VIII  -  Eastern  Visayas   with    78.7   percent,  Region  XIII  -  Caraga  with  78.5  percent, Region VI - Western Visayas with 77.9 percent, and Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) with 77.0 percent. (Figure 2)

  2. The  Bangsamoro  Autonomous  Region  in  Muslim  Mindanao  (BARMM)  posted  the  lowest   percentage  of  school  attendance, with 64.5 percent. (Figure 2)



About 2.5 percent of students attend classes in schools located outside their provinces

  1. Of the 32,071,284 household  population aged 5 to 24 years who attended school in SY 2019-2020, approximately 8.9 percent were enrolled in a school located outside their city/municipality of residence at the time of the census. Specifically, 6.4 percent were enrolled in schools situated in another city/municipality but within the same province and 2.5 percent in schools outside their provinces. (Table 2)

  2. Among the 17 regions, Region I - Ilocos Region posted the highest proportion of students attending schools located in the same province but in a different city/municipality   with  10.1  percent,  followed  by  CAR  with  9.9  percent,  and Region  VII  -  Central  Visayas with 9.3 percent. (Table 2)


Nine in 10 students attend in schools situated within their city/municipality of residence

  1. In SY 2019-2020, about 91.0 percent of the students attended classes in schools located within their province and city/municipality of residence. (Table 2)

  2. By region, Region XI - Davao Region posted the highest proportion of school attendees whose schools are located within their province and city/municipality of residence, with 94.8 percent. MIMAROPA Region followed with 94.2 percent and Region IX - Zamboanga Peninsula with 94.0 percent. (Table 2)



One in every four persons 5 to 24 years old is an out-of-school child and youth

  1. Of the 42,776,570 household population aged 5-24 years, 10,705,286 persons (25.0%) are out-of-school children and youth (OSCY). 
    In this report, OSCY refers to household members 5-24 years old who are currently not attending formal school. (Table 3)

  2. Among the 10,705,286 million OSCYs, 51.3 percent were males while 48.7 percent were females. 

  3. By  age  group,  68.5 percent  were aged  20-24  years; 15.6  percent  were aged 15-19 years;  12.3  percent  were  aged  5-9  years; and 3.7 percent were aged 10-14 years. (Table 3)

The statistics presented in this Press Release were based on the information provided by the respondent or any responsible household member who answered the questions and gave correct information about all the household members. 


The following data items, which were designed to collect necessary information on school attendance and place of school were collected for household members 5 to 24 years old from a 20-percent sample household using CPH Form 3 (Sample Household Questionnaire) and CPH Form 7B (Self-Administered Questionnaire for Sample Household):


  1. School Attendance (“Did _____ attend school at any time from June 2019 to May 2020?”)

  2. Place of School (“In what province and city/municipality did ____ attend school?”)

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