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Batch Request System (BREQS)

The BREQS is a scheme where PSA authorizes a partner to receive requests for PSA-issued copies and certifications of civil registry documents from the public and issue the documents to its clientele. The actual processing of the requests is done by the Serbilis Outlet assigned to service the authorized partner (also known as the BREQS User). Under the scheme, PSA shall be providing the BREQS User the software, form templates, updates and procedures necessary in servicing its clientele. The software will enable the BREQS User to do off-line encoding of the application details.

The civil registry computerization project of the PSA, or the CRS-IT Project, established among others, various Serbilis Outlets nationwide for the convenience of the public when requesting copies and certifications from PSA. With the BREQS scheme, the public can now also avail of many of the services offered in a Serbilis Outlet through the authorized agent.

What Documents Can Be Applied Through BREQS?

Only the following requests can be filed through BREQS:

  • Copies of birth, death, marriage documents,
  • Copies of annotated or endorsed documents provided copies of said documents have already been issued by PSA previously, and
  • Certificates of No Record of Marriage (CENOMAR or "Singleness").

Since the BREQS User does not have all the facilities of a Serbilis Outlet, other services currently available in an on-line Serblis Outlet cannot yet be offered through BREQS.

What Are The Benefits From Using BREQS?

Adopting the BREQS scheme can only mean more convenience to your constituents. By filing their applications right at your Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO), your clientele need not travel to a distant Serbilis Outlet thereby saving them time, effort and money.

But the LGU also stands to benefit from the scheme. First, the LCRO can expand its services to clients by offering new services like CENOMAR. And second, the LCRO is no longer limited to serving its constituents only - even those coming from outside the locality can now entertained. In the end, all these will mean more revenue to the LGU.