Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory, June 2019

As of July, 2019


  • As of 01 June 2019, the total rice stocks inventory was recorded at 2,598.34 thousand metric tons. An increase of 10.1 percent was observed from the previous year's level of 2,360.98 thousand metric tons. However, this was 11.8 percent lower than the previous month's stocks level of 2,947.42 thousand metric tons (Figure 1).
  • Rice stocks inventory level in the households and commercial warehouses were down by 4.2 percent and 21.0 percent, respectively. Whereas, stocks in NFA depositories increased by 26,444.2 percent (Table 1).
  • Compared with their levels a month ago, decrements were noted in all sectors. Stocks in the households, commercial warehouses and NFA depositories were lower by 17.1 percent,11.2 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively (Table 1).
  • Of this month's total rice stocks inventory,  40.4 percent came from the households and 38.4 percent were from commercial warehouses. The NFA depositories contributed  21.2 percent of the total rice stocks inventory, comprising 66.5 percent of imported rice for the reference period.

Stock Inventory:

Monthly rice and corn stocks inventory are generated from three sectors, namely: household, commercial, and National Food Authority (NFA). The household stocks are taken from the results of Palay and Corn Stocks Survey (PCSS) of the PSA, which covers farming and non-farming households nationwide. The commercial stocks are sourced from registered grains businessmen through the Commercial Stocks Survey (CSS). The CSS is conducted by the NFA, the results of which are submitted to PSA. NFA stocks are monitored from their warehouses/depositories.