Publication Information

Women and Men in the Philippines: A Statistical Handbook

Frequency of Publication and Date: 
Every three years
The Publication Contents and Uses
Presents relevant sex-disaggregated information, which can serve as a guide in advocacy work geared towards women’s welfare and advancement in the various sectors of society
Provides information on women related to such areas as violence, migration, and peace and human rights, which have not been given focus in traditional statistical publications, but critical to improving the status of women
Contains statistical facts on the situation of Filipino women relative to that of their male counterparts in the areas of population and families, work, economic participation, agriculture, education, health and nutrition, social welfare, public life, migration, peace and human rights, violence against women and children, and environment
Time Span of Data Contents: 
1946-2005 (depending on the available data for each sector)
Geographic Area Covered: National and regional
Data Contents
Population and Families
  • Population and Sex Ratio by Age Group
  • Population 10 Years Old and Over by Marital Status
  • Population of Youth Aged 15-24 Years by Age Group
  • Socioeconomic and Characteristics of the Youth Aged 15-24 Years
  • Distribution of Households by Size, by Sex of Household Head
  • Employment Indicators: Women and Men Aged 15 Years and Over
  • Distribution of Employed Women and Men by Occupation, by Industry
  • Employed Persons by Highest Grade Completed by Major Occupation Group
  • Unemployment Rates of Women and Men by Marital Status
  • Distribution of Women and Men Outside the Labor Force by Reason for Not Looking for Work
  • Distribution of Children Aged 5-17 Years by Type of Activity
  • Distribution of Working Children Aged 5-17 Years by Type of Economic Activity, by Selected Characteristics on Primary Occupation
  • Share of Women in Wage Employment in the Non-Agricultural Sector
  • Unemployment Rate, Population 15-24 Years Old by Sex
Economic Participation
  • Rural Household Income, Expenditures, and Savings by Sex of Household Head
  • Number and Average Time Spent on All Activity (In Hours per Day) by the Economically Active Respondents 10 Years Old and Over by Women and Men in Batangas
  • Number and Average Time Spent on All Activities (In Hours per Day by the Economically Active Respondents 10 Years Old and Over by Women and Men in Quezon City
  • Distribution of Families by Poor and Non-Poor Category by Sex of Head
  • Percent Distribution of Women Who Say that They Alone or Jointly Have the Final Say in Specific Decisions, by Age Group, by Number of Living Children, According to Current Marital Status and Type of Decision
  • Percent Distribution of Women Employed in the Twelve Months Preceding the Survey Receiving Cash Earnings by Person Who Decides How Earnings are Used by Marital Status, by Educational Attainment, by Age Group, According to Marital Status, and the Proportion of Household Expenditures Met by Earnings
  • Magnitude of the Poor and Poverty Incidence by Region, Women Sector, Children Sector
  • Distribution of Households by Land Ownership by Sex of Household Head
  • Distribution of Farmers and Fisherfolks Who Availed of the Microfinance Credit by Type by Sex
  • Distribution of Workers in Agriculture by Class of Worker
  • Holders of Emancipation Patents (EP) and Certificate of Land Ownership Agreement (CLOA)
  • Land Area Distributed to EP and CLOA Holders
  • Percentage Distribution of Hired Workers by Term of Payment, by Crop, by Sex, by Region
  • Key Indicators for Women Agricultural Workers
  • Highest Education Attainment of Population Aged 10 Years and Over
  • Enrolment of Women and Men by Discipline Group
  • Distribution of Graduates by Discipline Group
  • Technical Vocational Education Graduates Cluster Program
  • Literacy Rate, 15-24 Years Old by sex
  • Ratio of Girls to Boys in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education
Health and Nutrition
  • Contraceptive Prevalence Rate by Method Used by Age Group
  • Infant Mortality Rates (IMR) and Child Mortality Rates (CMR)
  • Projected Life Expectancy at Birth, by Sex and Five-Year Interval
  • Percent Distribution of Women and Men by Nutritional Status
  • Distribution of Disabled Persons by Type of Disability
  • Distribution of Drug Dependents by Age Group, by Sex
  • Distribution of HIV Ab Seropositives by Age Group
Social Welfare
  • Number of Clients Served by the DSWD by Clientele Category by Sex
  • Distribution of Women in Especially Difficult Situations Served by the DSWD by Clientele Type
  • Number of Child Abuse Cases Served by the DSWD
  • Number of Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL)/ Youth Offenders Served by the DSWD, by Sex
  • Distribution of Victims of Calamities and Social Disorganizations by Clientele Category
Public Life
  • Members of Congress
  • Number of Elected Women and Men by Position
  • Number of Women and Men Government Personnel by Major Subdivision
  • Distribution of Overseas Filipino Workers by Place of Work, by Occupation
  • Average Cash Remittance of Overseas Filipino Workers by Place of Work
  • Distribution of Overseas Filipino Workers by Major Occupation and Average Cash Remittance
Peace and Human Rights
  • Proportion of Women and Men Victims of Crimes by Type of Crime
  • Levels of Index Crimes in the Philippines
  • Violence Against Women and Children
  • Women Victims of Domestic Violence by Selected Characteristics, by Type of Violence
  • Cases of Violence Against Women, Children
  • Age Profile of Victims of Violence Against Children
  • Percentage of Women Who Agree that a Husband is Justified in Hitting or Beating His Wife
  • Percentage of Women Who Believe that a Wife is Justified in Refusing Sex with Her Husband for Specific Reasons
  • Visitors in Protected Areas and Income Generated in the Philippines
  • Distribution of Beneficiaries of Community-Based Forest Management Agreement by Sex
Estimated No. of Pages: 169 pp.
Other Dissemination Format: CDROM/Diskette