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Memorandum Circulars

Date Issued Circular No. Subject PDF File
April 22, 1999 Memorandum on Acceptance of Certification Issued by Local Civil Registry Offices PDF icon Download
February 4, 1999 Dismissal of Civil Registrar from the Service for Issuing Fake Certification of Death PDF icon Download
September 15, 1998 Allowing Civil Registrars to Use Communication Facilities of the Regional and Provincial Offices PDF icon Download
September 8, 1998 Piecemeal Submission of Civil Registry Documents to OCRG PDF icon Download
July 8, 1998 Strict Implementation of Rules and Regulations Governing Delayed Registration of Birth PDF icon Download
June 28, 1997 Requirements in the Annotation of Civil Registry Documents PDF icon Download
March 15, 1997 Guidelines in the Issuance of Certificate of Late Registration of Births PDF icon Download
January 31, 1997 Procedures on How to Send Registered Documents Not in OCRG File PDF icon Download
January 29, 1997 Implementation of Philippine Passport Act 1996 PDF icon Download
January 7, 1997 Additional Instructions on the DVSS Processing of Civil Registry Documents for 1997 PDF icon Download