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Memorandum Circulars

Date Issued Circular No. Subject PDF File
October 11, 2004 Use of Birth REference NUmber (BReN) Generated through the Civil Registry System Information TEchnology Project (CRS-ITP) Replacing the Population Reference Number (PRN) PDF icon Download
October 1, 2004 Flow of Communications Involving CRS Operations PDF icon Download
September 10, 2004 Collection of Information on LCROs PDF icon Download
August 30, 2004 Assistance on R.A. 9255 Applications PDF icon Download
August 24, 2004 2004-08 Clarification for Case 3, Section 9 of the Manual of Instructions for Republic Act 9048 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations PDF icon Download
August 17, 2004 2004-10 Contents of Municipal Form 1A PDF icon Download
July 27, 2004 2004-09 Clarification on the Scope of the Public Documents Under Republic Act No. 9255 PDF icon Download
July 27, 2004 2004-09 Clarification of Rule 6 (When to Register), Administrative Order No. 1, Series of 2004 PDF icon Download
July 12, 2004 2004-07 Non-Issuance of Certificate of Legal Capacity to Israeli Nationals Who Will Marry Filipino Nationals, by the Israeli Embassy in Manila PDF icon Download
May 21, 2004 2004-05 Names of Converts to Islam PDF icon Download