Rice and Corn Situation and Outlook, July 2018 Round

Palay and corn production for April to June 2018 were lesser than their respective levels in 2017 by 1.44 percent and 3.42 percent. The decrements in output were ascribed to the early plantings in some areas during the last two quarters due to sufficient water supply. 
Based on standing crop, probable production of palay and corn for July-September 2018 may incur cutbacks due to delayed plantings resulting from late release of irrigation water and late onset of rainfall.


Production for April-June 2018 at 1.28 million mt, fell by 3.42 percent from 1.33 million mt output in 2017. Harvest area declined to 392.24 thousand hectares or by 2.31 percent from the 2017 level of 401.51 thousand hectares. Yield per hectare dropped by 1.14 percent, from 3.31 mt in 2017 to 3.27 mt in 2018 (Table 2.1).

  o Cutbacks in production were large in Cagayan Valley at 3.29 percent; SOCCSKSARGEN, 2.17 percent; and ARMM, 1.95 percent.

  o Decrease in harvest areas which contributed to decreases in outputs were reportedly due to:

    • Early plantings in Cagayan Valley in the later part of 2017 resulting from government interventions on the distribution of hybrid and open-pollinated varieties (OPV) seeds.  Similarly, there were shifting of crop to ginger, tobacco, pineapple, banana and watermelon and some areas were left in fallow.

   • Less planting in SOCCSKSARGEN provinces due to insufficient rainfall during the first quarter. Some corn areas in the region which were intercropped with rubber, coffee and oil palm were no longer viable for corn production.

   • Change in cropping brought by the change in weather pattern in ARMM.