Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory, August 2020

As of September, 2020


  • As of 01 August 2020, the total rice stocks inventory was 1,786.25 thousand metric tons. This represents an annual decrease of 16.3 percent from its level of 2,133.84 thousand metric tons in the same period of the previous year. Similarly, rice stocks inventory as of 01 August 2020 declined month-on-month by 15.1 percent, from its previous month's inventory level of 2,104.67 thousand metric tons. (Figure 1 and Table 1)
  • Year-on-year, rice stocks inventory in the households rose by 7.5 percent. However, stocks in commercial warehouses and NFA depositories dropped by 17.1 percent and 55.8 percent, respectively.
  • Month-on-month, rice stocks inventories in all sectors posted decreases. A decline of 20.6 percent was recorded in the households, 9.7 percent in commercial warehouses, and 8.4 percent in NFA depositories.
  • Of the total stocks for this month, 47.7 percent were in the households, 40.9 percent were in commercial warehouses, and 11.4 percent were in NFA depositories. (Table 1)

Stock Inventory:

Monthly rice and corn stocks inventory are generated from three sectors, namely: household, commercial, and National Food Authority (NFA). The household stocks are taken from the results of Palay and Corn Stocks Survey (PCSS) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), which covers farming and non-farming households nationwide. The commercial stocks are sourced from registered grains businessmen through the Commercial Stocks Survey (CSS). The CSS is conducted by NFA, the results of which are submitted to PSA. The NFA stocks are monitored from their warehouses/depositories.

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