2018 Board Resolutions

Resolution No. 1. Amending PSA Board Resolution No.03, Series of 2017, "Reconstituting the Regional Statistics Committees (RSCs)"

Resolution No. 2. Approving and Rebasing of the Consumer Price Index from 2006 to Base Year 2012 and Adoption of the Chain Method in the 2012-based CPI

Resolution No. 3. Endorsing the FY 2019 Tier 2 Statistical Budget of Agencies in the Philippine Statistical System to the Department of Budget and Management

Resolution No. 4. Creating the PSA Board Subcommittee to Review the Expanded National Nutrition Survey

Resolution No. 5. Approving and Endorsing to the office of the President the Philippine Statistical Development Program 2018-2023

Resolution No. 6. Approving and Adopting the Survey Design of the Expanded National Nutrition Survey

Resolution No. 7. Approving the Appointment of the Management Association of the Philippines as the Private Sector Representative to the Philippine Statistics Authority Board Effective 16 June 2018 to 16 June 2021

Resolution No. 8. Approving the Updated List of Excluded Items for the Official Core Inflation Using the 2012-based CPI