Seasonally Adjusted Consumer Price Index (1994=100) : May 2003

Reference Number: 2003-054
Release Date: 11 June 2003



Food, Beverages and Tobacco and Non-FBT Items
(NCR and AONCR - May 2003)


  1. CPI of Food, Beverages and Tobacco (FBT): National Capital Region (AONCR)

    For three consecutive months, the seasonally adjusted CPI of FBT items in NCR remained at 152.1 in May while that for AONCR, the level accelerated to 158.4 from 157.9.

    Seasonal factors such as the observance of fiestas in many areas that brought bigger demand of meat and other food items along with the heat experienced in the country generally pushed up prices of FBT items in NCR during the month. Meanwhile, these seasonal factors did not push up prices of FBT items in AONCR relative to the expected trend.

    The month-on-month inflation of the seasonally adjusted FBT items in NCR still posted a zero growth in May. On the other hand, price increase of FBT items in AONCR slightly inched up to 0.3 percent from 0.2 percent.

  2. CPI of Non-FBT items: National Capital Region (NCR) and Areas Outside the National Capital Region (AONCR)

The seasonally adjusted CPI of non-FBT items in NCR and AONCR correspondingly grew to 191.9 and 186.6 in May from their respective April levels of 191.1 and 186.1.

Higher demand of some clothing items due to the observance of fiestas and the bigger demand of school supplies for the coming opening of classes were observed during the month. These seasonal factors however, did not push up prices of non-FBT items in the two areas relative to the expected trend.

On a monthly basis, seasonally adjusted CPI for non-FBT items in NCR went up to 0.4 percent in May from 0.3 percent in April while that for AONCR, prices of seasonally adjusted CPI for non-FBT items slowed down to 0.3 percent from 0.4 percent.


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