Powerpoint Presentations

Session 4.6 Econometrics

Session 4.7 Statistical Methods in Genetics and Bioinformatics

by Romaia Elaiza Abrugar, Jianna Gayle A. Almoro, Kristelle Diane A. Batin, JT Cabrera, Kryzia C. Dela Merced, Jojo Mark Higa, Trizha Maaño, Francis P. Quitoriano, Emer M. Rondilla II, Darlene Ternida, JL Vitug, Michael Q. Van Haute

Session 4.8 Open Data

Session 4.9 Innovations in Collection, Dissemination and Preservation of Official Statistics

by Florande S. Polistico, Faith Hyacinth M. Balisacan, Christian Patrick E. Vinculado, Kristy Ann G. Meguiso, Chelo M. Nuyda, Jomar S. Garachico, Mary Grace E. Nuñez
by Florande S. Polistico, Aaron Paolo B. Uy, Jenny Lou Z. De las Alas, Kristy Ann G. Meguiso, Chelo M. Nuyda, Juna Alyanna F. Grimaldo

Session 5.1 Education Statistics (Higher Education)




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