Publication Information

Frequency of Publication and Date of Release
Annual, available two years after the reference period
The Publication Contents and Uses
Provides estimates of the overall food supply situation in the country that is available for consumption of the populace and shows the trends in the levels of the country’s food supply and changes in its composition and in the type of food available for consumption which are needed in the formulation of national food production and trade programs to satisfy the dietary and nutritional needs of Filipinos
Time Span of Data Contents: Three [3] years
Geographic Area Coverage: National
Data Contents
  • Daily per capita food, calorie, protein and fat supply by food group and commodity per year and per day
  • Domestic utilization (i.e. feed, seed, processed for food, waste and food) and non-food utilization by food group and commodity
  • Gross and net domestic supply (by source, i.e. production, change in stocks, imports, and exports) by food group and commodity
  • Per capita food intake per day compared with per capita supply
No. of Pages: 55 pp.
Other Dissemination Format:  CDROM/e-mail