Fisheries Situation Report, April - June 2017

April 2017 to June 2017


Total fisheries volume of production was estimated at 1.1 million metric tons during the second quarter of 2017. It was 1.36 percent lower than the previous year’s mark. Of the subsectors, only aquaculture managed to pull up its output while commercial and municipal fisheries displayed downtrends. By species, marine species like roundscad (-19.44%), yellowfin tuna (-17.55%), frigate tuna (-17.55%) and indian sardines (-12.74%) all contributed to the decline in production.


The 11.89 percent decline in commercial fisheries was due to less unloading of species in Navotas Fish Port brought about by occurrence of frequent rain that hampered fishing operations in surrounding marine waters of Antique, Bataan, Zambales and Visayan Sea.


Municipal fisheries production at 303 thousand metric tons went down by 0.69 percent during the period. Its volume comprised of 87.25 percent from marine fisheries and 12.72 percent from inland fisheries. Reduced unloadings in Palawan resulted from the shifting of some fishermen to construction work as laborers and the effect of illegal fishing activity such as dynamite and cyanide fishing and use of net gears with fine mesh size.


Harvests from aquaculture accumulated to 520 thousand metric tons, an almost five percent increase. In MIMAROPA, additional seaweed area harvested was due to use of additional planting materials sourced from LGU-BFAR program. Sufficiency of supply of fingerlings for stocking in brackishwater fishponds was also observed.