Fisheries Situation Report, July to September 2018

July 2018 to September 2018


The total volume of fisheries production was registered at 972.91 thousand metric tons. it posted a decrement of 0.04 percent from the level in same quarter of 2017. Commercial and municipal fisheries displayed downtrend during the period while aquaculture subsector showed improvement oh harvests. Of the major species, milkfish, yellowfin tuna, roundscad and tiger prawn outputs went down by 7.92, 14.97, 7.05  and 5.84 percent, respectively. On the other hand, improvements were noted in seaweed (5.16%), tilapia (13.88%) and skipjack (2.30%).


Commercial fisheries volume of production was recorded at 232.81 thousand metric tons which was 1.60 percentlower than the previous year's level. The subsector contributed 23.93 percent of the total fisheries output.


During the period, municipal fisheries production diminished by 2.67 percent. The subsector came out with 273.24 thousand metric tons. Of this volume, 84.37 percent was contributed by marine municipal while the rest came from inland fisheries. Municipal fisheries comprised 28.08 percent of the fisheries sector.


Aquaculture subsector displayed positive performance of 2.40 percent during the quarter. Volume of harvests from aquaculture farms was posted at 466.86 thousand metric tons. The subsector had the biggest share of 47.99 percent to total fisheries.