PSA Conducts the 2015 Survey on ICT in Business and Industry

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Friday, January 29, 2016

In April 2016, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will conduct the 2015 Survey of Information and Communication Technology (SICT) – a rider survey to the 2015 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI). Conducted every year (except in 2014), the 2015 SICT collects information on the availability, distribution and access/utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) in business and industry in the country.  Besides the core ICT indicators that are regularly being compiled by the PSA, the SICT will also enable the assessment and monitoring of the digital divide in the Philippines.

Specifically, the 2015 SICT aims to measure the following:

  • component of ICT resources and their utilization by establishments
  • diffusion of ICT into establishments from various sources
  • e-commerce transactions from data on e-commerce sales/revenue and purchases
  • cellular mobile phones business transactions 
  • estimate of the number of ICT workers in establishments
  • methods of disposal of ICT equipment

Preliminary results of the 2010 SICT released in 2012 show that about 97.0 percent of the establishments used computer and other hardware in their business operations. Also, nine in every ten establishments nationwide had access to the Internet.  Other results can be fully accessed at:

The 2015 SICT questionnaires will be administered to about 11,000 establishments from April to May 2016 with an estimated budget of around Php 61.9 Million or Php 5,629.36 per establishment. The establishments will be selected using a stratified systematic sampling with 3-/5-digit 2009 Philippine Standard Industrial Classification (PSIC) as industry strata, and employment size as the second stratification variable. Results of the survey is targeted to be released in two years.

The SICT was reviewed and cleared for conduct on 13 January 2016 under the Statistical Survey Review Clearance System (SSRCS), a mechanism being implemented by the PSA by virtue of Rule 28 of Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 10625 to: 
  • ensure sound design ensure sound design for data collection;
  • minimize the burden placed upon respondents; 
  • effect economy in statistical data collection; 
  • eliminate unnecessary duplication of statistical data collection; and, 
  • achieve better coordination of government statistical activities. 

In line with this, establishments are enjoined to respond in the said undertaking.

For further information on the SSRCS, please contact the Statistical Standards Division (SSD) of the Standards Service (SS) with telephone numbers (02) 376-1928 and (02) 376-1931, and email address:
National Statistician and Civil Registrar General
Contact Persons: ANS Candido J. Astrologo, Jr.
  Ms. Patricia Anne L. Rivera
  Mr. Kentucky B. Potrido
Telefax No.: (632) 376-1928 / 376-1931