Continuous Drop in the Share of Youth Population Who are Not in Employment or Education (NEE) to the Total Youth Population

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

One in every five young people aged 15-24 years is not in employment or education (NEE)

The number of youth population aged 15-24 years was estimated at 19.9 million in 2018. This figure represented 27.8 percent of the total working age population (71.3 million). Persons not in employment are those either unemployed or not in the labor force (economically inactive). (Table 1)

Of the 19.9 million, nearly half (46.8%) or 9.3 million was not economically active while attending school (Table 1).

Figure 1

On the other hand, those who are employed but not in education accounted for more than one fourth (28.4%) or 5.63 million of the total youth population. (Figure 1 and Table 1)

The share of youth population who are not in employment or education (NEE) was placed at 19.9 percent (Table 1). This implied that about one in every five youth aged 15-24 years was both out-of-school and either unemployed or not in the labor force. The remaining 5% of the youth population were employed and at the same time enrolled in formal education. (Figure 1)

Three in every four youth population NEE are not in the labor force

Among the young persons not in employment or education, majority (2.95 million or 75%) were not in the labor force or those who are neither employed nor unemployed; while 0.99 million or 25 percent actively participated in the labor force but remained unemployed. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

More out-of-school young women are either unemployed or not in the labor force

One in every four (25.7%) young population who were not in employment or education were females, while about 14.3 percent were males.

For the period 2006-2018, the proportion of NEE to the youths’ total population ranged from 19.9 to 25.2 percent; 23.6 percent on the average. This exhibited a declining trend over the years, with the slowest rate recorded in 2018. (Table 2)

Figure 3

Over the 13-year period, inactivity among young women consistently dominated. NEE rate for young women was higher by 11.4 to 14.4 percentage points than the corresponding rates of men between 2006 to 2018. (Figure 3)

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