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PSA Press Briefing on May 2019 Inflation and April 2019 Labor Force Survey

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13 June 2019

On an annual basis, the Construction Materials Retail Price Index (CMRPI) in the National Capital Region (NCR) moved up at a slower pace of 1.6... Read more about Retail Price Index of Selected Construction Materials in the National Capital Region (2000=100) : May 2019.

11 June 2019

The country’s total external trade in goods in April 2019 amounted to $14.51 billion, reflecting a decrease of 1.0 percent from the $14.66 billion... Read more about Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics : April 2019.

10 June 2019

Reported deaths in 2017 reached 579,237, a decrease of 0.5 percent than the... Read more about Registered Deaths in the Philippines, 2017.

10 June 2019

The annual increase of GWPI at the national level slowed down to 4.7 percent in April 2019.

06 June 2019

The year-on-year change of CMWPI in NCR picked up by 3.0 percent in May 2019.

06 June 2019

The total number of constructions in the first quarter of 2019 reached 39,762, based on the preliminary results of construction statistics from... Read more about Construction Statistics from Approved Building Permits : First Quarter 2019 (Preliminary Results).

06 June 2019

Total foreign investments (FI) approved in the first quarter of 2019 by the seven investment promotion agencies (IPAs), namely: Board of... Read more about Total Approved Foreign Investments Reached PhP 46.0 billion in Q1 2019.

06 June 2019

As measured by the share of Tourism Direct Gross Value Added (TDGVA) to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the contribution of tourism industries... Read more about Contribution of Tourism to the Philippine Economy is 12.7 percent in 2018.

05 June 2019

The Philippines’ headline inflation went up by 3.2 percent in May 2019.

05 June 2019

The employment rate in April 2019 was estimated at 94.9 percent. In April 2018, the employment rate was 94.5 percent.

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Updates on Fertilizer Prices, May 2019

This monthly price update shows the situation and the monthly prevailing Dealers' (Retail) prices of the four (4) fertilizer grades: Urea (45-0-0), Complete (14-14-14), Ammosul (21-0-0) and Ammophos (16-20-0).

Price Situationer of Selected Agricultural Commodities, June 2019 (Week 1)

This price update shows the situation and the weekly and monthly prevailing retail prices of agricultural commodities.

Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory, May 2019

This is brief monthly report on the rice and corn inventory held by households, commercial warehouses and NFA depositories as of the first day of the month.

2012 Aquaculture and Municipal Fishing

A decennial undertaking of complete count of all farm operators. 

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